Empowering Health Transformation

  • Our development and management team started its professional journey in the mid-1980s inspired by the technological advances of this time. Healthcare IT and in particular patient-related documentation processes were still paper-based reproducing paper records with a lot of redundancies.
  • As a software development company focusing on the healthcare market, we wanted to provide a software product that fully digitizes patient documentation and support users by facilitating their day-to-day workflows. The main goal, however, was to develop a flexible process- and rule-based software solution and implement health standards to enhance the quality of care.
  • By observing market dynamics, consistently analyzing the status quo, and working very close with our clients and partners, we can stay ahead of market disruptions. Cooperations with leading data processing and data security companies allow us to keep our client’s data safe and secure.
  • Our products are built on Microsoft technologies with the capability to amend the user interface and process flows for each user-group or workplace individually. This flexible approach allows our products to be scaled horizontally and vertically at any time to support present as well as future requirements. In the long run it gives our products a competitive advantage over competitors as it reduces development costs, increases usability, and improves efficiency.
  • Our latest product – MedCubes+® – is a healthcare technology solution designed to enable seamless sharing of patient data across different care settings. MedCubes+® takes a "one patient, one record" approach, creating a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) that is accessible to all authorized healthcare professionals involved in the patient's care process.
  • This solution was developed specifically to respond to the new technological challenges in the healthcare sector. Cloud-enabled, multi-tenancy with browser access to health data are customary technological pillars nowadays to provide access to health data around the clock. With the right flexibility and a dynamic approach to meet user’s requirements this healthcare solution was built by IT specialists for healthcare professionals!
  • For the moment our focus of business is on Europe and Asia-Pacific but we are also expanding through our extensive partner network into other emerging markets.